what is MuscleTech® Rewards?

Introducing MuscleTech® Rewards – Our newest rewards system where the more you buy, the more you earn. You’ve chosen to sweat it out and smash out those reps with us right by your side, and we think you deserve something special in return.

Earn 10 reps for every dollar

How to start earning

The more reps you hit, the more rewards in your pocket.

How it works:

Sign up

Register for an account with us. It just takes a second.

Start earning

Spend, share, and refer to earn MuscleTech Rewards Reps (points).

Redeem your rewards

Exchange your “Reps” at any time for discount coupons or MuscleTech apparel.

More ways to earn reps!

On a budget right now? No problem, there’s tons of ways you can earn your reps without dropping a dime.

Recovery & Musclebuilding

Simply Signing Up!

You will earn 200 reps

Recovery & Musclebuilding

Celebrate your birthday

Earn 500 reps on your birthday

Recovery & Musclebuilding

Get Social

Follow & share us to earn 50 reps

Want to get your friends in on the action? Refer them and get rewarded.

Get $10 off orders over $65

When you refer a friend

Get $10 off orders over $65

When your friend makes a purchase

Get STarted!

Now that you’re up to speed on MuscleTech Rewards, why not start shopping?