Platinum BCAA 8:1:1

Product Description


PLATINUM BCAA 8:1:1 is a branched chain amino acid formula designed with a potent BCAA ratio of 8:1:1 (leucine, isoleucine, valine). Unlike other BCAA pills that use ratios like 3:1:2 or 2:1:1, PLATINUM BCAA  8:1:1 uses an 8:1:1 ratio to load your muscles with leucine with every serving.

Research shows that leucine is the BCAA with the highest anabolic potential, as it activates protein synthesis within the muscle through the mTOR pathway. Every serving of PLATINUM BCAA  8:1:1 ensures that your muscles are primed for musclebuilding.

  • 8:1:1 ratio of BCAAs
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis
  • Minimizes muscle protein breakdown

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