Protein Cookie - 6 x 92g Cookies

Protein Cookie - 6 x 92g Cookies

Protein Cookies / Whey Protein
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  • Soft baked
  • On-the-go nutrition
  • Irresistible flavors
Soft baked for a wholesome and delicious gluten-free snack. The perfect on-the-go treat for every fitness enthusiast.
  • Soft baked
  • On-the-go nutrition
  • Irresistible flavors
Protein Cookies / Whey Protein
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  • 18g of protein
  • On-The-Go nutrition
  • Build muscle

The Best Soft Baked Protein Cookie!

How it Works

This breakthrough cookie will satisfy both your muscles and your taste buds. They’re delicious, gluten-free, protein-packed cookies that are a quick, on-the-go treat for every fitness enthusiast. With 18g of protein and 8g of fiber, you can feel good about this guilt-free indulgence!

Who Should Use it

Protein Cookies can be eaten by everyone! They’re especially ideal for active men, women, fitness enthusiasts, high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and anyone looking for great-tasting on-the-go nutrition that can help build more muscle and improve recovery.

The Cookie You Can Have At Any Time, Anywhere

When to Take

Anytime! MuscleTech® Protein Cookies are great, on-the-go nutrition that can be eaten anytime, anywhere!

How to Take

For an even gooier treat, try microwaving your MuscleTech® Protein Cookie for 3 seconds before eating. You’ll love it! (Remove cookie from packaging before microwaving.)

Stack it

Protein Cookies can stack with any MuscleTech® supplement! Try it with a creatine supplement like CELL-TECH™ HYPER-BUILD™ and Clear Muscle® for a great musclebuilding stack!

MuscleTech® Protein Cookies are soft baked for a wholesome and delicious snack with best-in-class taste and texture. They deliver no inferior wheat protein like the other guys – so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality protein available!

Soft Baked Texture With Less Fat And Fewer Carbs Than The Other Guys

Fuel up on quality ingredients you can feel good about! From the biggest name in protein comes a breakthrough cookie that delivers gluten-free, protein-packed nutrition. Each cookie is packed with 18g of protein and 8g of fiber.

Tested For Quality And Purity

To ensure a high standard of quality and purity, each batch of Protein Cookies undergoes strict quality control and is third-party tested and verified to ensure that they meet the highest standards of purity, quality and consistency.

Quality Ingredients – Zero Inferior Proteins

Unlike the competition, our protein cookie delivers 18g of premium-quality protein primarily from whey. Other protein cookies use wheat protein as their protein source, which has a significantly lower biological value (BV) than whey. BV is a measure of how much protein your body absorbs – a higher BV indicates a protein source with more musclebuilding power – and no other protein has a higher biological value than whey! Some other protein cookies use inferior plant-based proteins, including wheat. They even have as much as 30g of sugar!

Serious athletes need the results that only high-quality, leucine-rich whey protein can deliver. MuscleTech® Protein Cookies deliver 18g of protein, for a cleaner macronutrient profile, with 8g of fiber and half the sugar vs. the competition.

Packed with Fiber

Today's athlete understands the importance of fiber – and MuscleTech® researchers put 8g of fiber into each cookie! This is the same amount of fiber as 1.6 cups of quinoa!

Amazing Flavors!

Our research team works closely with some of the premier protein cookie experts in the world, and each flavor of MuscleTech® Protein Cookies has gone through countless internal taste tests. The result? An absolutely amazing-tasting cookie that delivers the protein and taste you’re after, with a chewy, soft baked texture and real chocolate chips that you can enjoy guilt free!

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