Shatter Black Onyx

Shatter Black Onyx

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The perfect solution for athletes looking for instant impact.
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  • Unparalleled neurosensory experience
  • Advanced musclebuilding power for improved performance
  • Enhanced energy & focus
The perfect solution for athletes looking for instant impact.
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Enhance Performance
Black Onyx
Before Workout
  • Performance
  • Pre-Workout
  • Enhance Focus
  • Explosive energy
  • Increase Muscle Pumps

Scientifically Engineered to Unleash Explosive Energy

How it Works

This new formula is made up of scientifically researched ingredients to grant athletes explosive energy, mental focus and improved performance.

Shatter™ Black Onyx® is the perfect solution for athletes looking for instant impact. Unlike the leading competitors, this formula delivers ingredients that are going to give you real results – and fast!

Every serving of Shatter™ Black Onyx® is rich in PEAK ATP®, a compound that helps athletes boost their adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, increases blood flow, and supports muscular strength and endurance. Right when athletes are struggling through their last few reps, Shatter™ Black Onyx® provides fuel to the muscle cells, making sure they don’t cramp up and keeping them performing at their best!

Not only can Shatter™ Black Onyx® help reduce lactic acid, but the caffeine within the formula also enhances focus. The formula is packed with a perfect dose of caffeine, as well as beta-alanine and the patented PEAK ATP®. Beta-alanine helps build muscle and supports strength.

Who Should Use it

Shatter™ Black Onyx® is designed for all athletes who are looking for instant-impact formulas. This performance enhancer provides explosive energy for athletes who favor high-intensity workouts.

Muscletech athlete Fabian Petrina

Maximize Your Results

When to Take

This pre-workout formula should be taken before exercise.

How to Take

To assess tolerance, start by mixing ½ serving (½ scoop) with 7 oz. of water for up to three days.

Proceed as Normal: Take 1 serving (1 scoop) with 14 oz. of water and consume 30 to 45 minutes before workout. Do not exceed 1 serving within a 24-hour period.

Simply put the liquid in the shaker first, then add a scoop of Shatter™ Black Onyx®. Place the lid on the shaker cup and shake until blended.

Stack it

Stack with NITRO-TECH™, Amino Max Black Onyx® and Clear Muscle™ for the ultimate musclebuilding combination.

Instant Impact and Unparalleled Energy

Shatter™ Black Onyx® is designed to stimulate intense muscle pumps! Athletes looking to improve their muscular strength and endurance have come to the right place. The scientifically advanced formula is rich with hawthorn berry.

High nitric oxide levels are so important within workouts, because it supports oxygen flow within the bloodstream. The more oxygen within the blood flow, the less likely it is for athletes to cramp up during high-intensity workouts. High oxygen levels help athletes perform at their best for longer, creating unbelievably powerful pumps.

The best-in-class pre-workout formula also amplifies energy levels. The ultra-potent caffeine enhances mental focus and provides an intense burst of energy to get you through those tough training sessions. Our Extreme Neuro-Sensory Matrix combines caffeine, alpha-GPC, TeaCrine® and alpinia, to produce heightened nitric oxide levels, ultimately prolonging workouts.


The new Shatter™ Black Onyx® delivers the perfect combination of key ingredients that are clinically proven to provide instant-impact results in performance and musclebuilding.

Scientifically researched key ingredients

L-Citrulline Malate

Enhances nitric oxide mediated blood flow to ensure muscles don’t cramp up during high-intensity workouts. L-citrulline lets athletes push themselves to their limits, and still recover faster than ever!


Helps build muscle and supports strength. It also enhances muscle carnosine levels, maximizing high-intensity exercise performance.


In a 12-week study, subjects taking PEAK ATP® gained 90% more lean muscle than those not taking the compound. Not only that, but the subjects taking PEAK ATP® also gained nearly 9 lbs. of lean muscle – almost double the amount of those not taking it!*

*Wilson et al., 2013. Nutrition & Metabolism. 10:57

Fully disclosed formula

Fully Disclosed Formula

The Shatter™ Black Onyx® formula is fully disclosed, to guarantee that you are getting the exact amount of each ingredient. Every scoop of Shatter™ Black Onyx® is quality tested to ensure what is listed on the bottle is actually in the bottle.

Best-In-Class Taste

Team MuscleTech® is committed to creating the best-tasting pre-workout formulas on the market. Try Shatter™ Black Onyx® in Rainbow Fruit Candy, Cotton Candy and Orange Mango.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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